Guest Artists

Our West African dance and drum community continues to grow in the Seacoast area of Maine and New Hampshire. We have been fortunate to host several amazing master artists in the past several years.


January 2015
Ismael ‘Bonfils’ Kouyate taught song, dance, and dundun dance workshops in Kittery and Portland and performed with Abou Sylla, Sayon Camara, and Namory Keita.

October 2014
Ismael Bangoura, Boca Bangoura, and Sidiki Sylla of Vermont’s Jeh Kulu Dance and Drum Theater

June 2014
Youssouf Koumbassa did a little cameo performance at the Kittery Block Party. He also taught in Kittery and Portland.

October 2013
A day of workshops followed by a performance featuring master artists Ismael Bangoura, Sidiki Sylla, Mangue Sylla, Namory Keita, as well as other special guests including members of Portland’s Blue Moon Tribe and The Dance Hall’s own West African Dance and Drum classes!

April 2013 and October 2012

Ismael Bangoura and Sidiki Sylla of Vermont’s Jeh Kulu Dance and Drum Theater,  along with Simbo Camara graced the Dance Hall in October 2012 and April 2013.  They gave stand-up master classes during both visits and in October performed, with Ballet Kakande opening for them.  We can’t wait until they come back!!

June 2012

We hosted Youssouf Koumbassa and Mito Camara at the Dance Hall on June 23. Their drum, dundun dance and dance classes were amazing!  The day was even more sweet, because Namory Keita was accompanying all the classes as well!  We look forward to welcoming them all back!

April 2012

Abdoulaye Sylla and Mito Camara were here at the Dance Hall and held drumming, dundun dance and dance classes on April 14.  Once again, many students from Phillips Exeter Academy were at the dance class and definitely added to the energy in the room.

October 2011

Some of the members of Vermont’s Jeh Kulu Dance and Drum Theater came to The Dance Hall.  Ismael Bangoura taught a drum class, Seny Daffe taught a dundun dance class and then Sidiki Sylla taught a dance class.  Here is a video of the warm-up and another video that shows just how fun the post class jam was! Many students from Phillips Exeter Academy came for the dance class and contributed greatly to the positive energy in the room!

Following the dance class Sidiki, Ismael and Seny performed along with Soriba Simbo Camara and Ismael’s son Ibrahimasory ‘Boca’ Bangoura.  Too bad there are no videos of that performance, but trust us when we tell you that they put on an amazing show!

September 2011

We had amazing classes with Mamadouba ‘Mito’ Camara and Alhassane ‘Papain’ Camara.  They taught Yankadi in both drum and dance classes at The Dance Place in Newburyport.  Here are videos of both Mito and Papain at Awakening Grace Yoga in Epping, NH.

April 2011

Youssouf Koumbassa, Mariama Camara and Ismael Bangoura came to the The Dance Hall in April, before The Dance Hall’s Grand Opening.  Youssouf, Mariama and Ismael sure gave their own grand opening with their dance, dundun dance and drum classes.  Here is a video of Youssouf’s jam-packed-full class!

August 2010

We had drum and dundun dance classes with M’Bemba Bangoura in August  of 2010.


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  1. Hello,
    Would like to talk with about doing some joint workshops. I make and play didgeridoos as well as some shamanic journeying work. Also looking to create a monthy drum circle in the Dover area. I am doing one at and always open to bringing this to children, especially.
    I think I’ve met Liz in the past……somewhere. LOL!
    My mom saw you guys at the Congregational Church for the MLK day celebration and was all excited about it.
    When you get a chance, will you give me a call?
    Dave Estes
    OneVibe Shamanic Healing Center
    17 Lee Road
    Lee, NH 03861

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