June: Abdoulaye Sylla and Youssouf Koumbassa in Kittery

Exciting news!

Youssouf Koumbassa is coming back to Kittery in June!  And before that we have a class with Abdoulaye Sylla!  Here are the details that we have so far:

Abdoulaye Sylla will be at the Dance Hall in Kittery on Sunday June 12th.  He will definitely be teaching a dundun dance class and may also teach a djembe dance class as well.  Exact time and pricing are yet to be determined.

Youssouf Koumbassa will be in Kittery for the Portside Percussive Dance Festival June 27th through July 2nd.  He will teach classes Monday through Friday from 5:15 to 6:30.  We are hoping to arrange for Mariama to come back July 1st and 2nd to teach a couple of classes as well!

For those willing to travel, Youssouf will also be in Cambridge June 25th – 26th as part of Pape N’Diaye’s Ndaje Festival.  And a class in Portland is in the works for Sunday evening!!

So many classes with Youssouf so close to home:  this is bliss!!!

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