Weekly classes for 2016

After a couple of weeks away, drum and dance classes will begin again, Thursday, January 7 at the The Dance Hall, Kittery.

Drum class with Ult Mundane

(Namory Keita is traveling and for the next two months, Ult will be teaching)

5:30-6:30 pm
$10.00 per class

Dance class with Liz Fowler
6:30-8:00 pm
$12.00 per class or eight classes for $80.00
(please use within twelve weeks)

Join us for West African dance class accompanied by some fantastic drummers.

Class begins with a warm-up, a combination of stretching and aerobic movement. This is followed by a high-energy class where you will learn a traditional dance from Guinea, including some of the customs around it. Some weeks we may even sing a little.

~Wear comfortable clothing. Dance is traditionally done in bare-feet, though you’re welcome to wear dance shoes.~

For more information: seacoastdanceanddrum@gmail.com

All levels welcome to both drum and dance classes!!

Be sure to bring water to drink.

During inclement weather, check here or our Facebook page to make certain there is class.

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