Support Namory’s dream: the Hamana Arts Center

namory-hamana-artsNamory Keita is just back from Guinea where he broke ground on the school he dreams to start, the Hamana Arts Center. He needs your help. Here is his letter requesting support:

My name is Namory Keita, and I am a master drummer from the village of Sangbarala, in the Hamana region of Guinea, West Africa. What I really want to tell you about is my dream, the Hamana Arts Center.

The Hamana Arts Center will be a school where master teachers and students from around the world come together to exchange, teach, perform, and study the traditional arts of the Hamana region. This region has fostered some of the greatest drummers in the world including my uncle, Famadou Konate as well as Nounmody Keita, Nansady Keita, and Solo Keita to name just a few.

For this art form to remain culturally vibrant and intact, its artists must earn a living. They need housing, a place to teach, study and perform and a center to pull this together is essential. We are proud to have broken ground this year! The purchasing of the property, surveying completed, design finished, and the foundation of the structure begun – we are on our way, but need your help for the next steps.

Our initial funding goal is $5000, though the project will require much more financial support than that. I’ll be traveling back and forth to oversee the project which will likely span the next 3-5 years.

The Hamana Arts Center is located on the outskirts of Conakry on a beautiful hillside. The design includes guest rooms for artists and students, a main all, kitchen, dining room and of course a studio floor for drumming and dancing along with a beautiful view of the forest.

Together we can do this! Your generosity is much appreciated. Thank you! ~Namory

Hamana Arts Center Project Go Fund Me page

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