Namory is back from Guinea

Namory just returned from Guinea last week and will have his first Kittery class, Thursday February 21 at the Dance Hall.

Though we’re so glad that Namory is able to visit his home country each year, having him return to our community in Maine is always a blessing!

Wondering what some of the dancing and drumming was like in Guinea? Here is some footage of a dundunba in Namory’s hometown village of Sangbaralla and clips of drumming and dancing in both Conakry and Sangbaralla.

Drum class
5:30-6:30 pm
$15.00 drop-in
~Be sure to let Namory know ahead of time if you’ll need to borrow a drum~

Dance class
6:45-8:15 pm
$15.00 drop-in or $96.00 for 8-pre-paid classes
This week we will do both dance and dundun dance.
~Wear comfortable clothing. Bring water to stay hydrated.~
~Dance is usually done in barefeet but clean soft-soled shoes are fine.~

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